Where can I find a 11021 Dental Office?

If you’re concerned about stained or yellow teeth come and talk to Dr. Lawrence J Kobren in Great Neck. In our 11021 dental office, we offer a variety of options available to lighten and brighten your smile. Dr. Kobren is a skilled and experienced in the latest treatment methods and will be glad to discuss your cosmetic smile goals as well as guide you in choosing the best cosmetic dental solution to meet your needs.

While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening options available in the stores and online, these products are easy to misuse and don’t always deliver the results as promised. The safest and most effective teeth whitening systems are those supervised and provided by your dentist. With an in-office teeth whitening procedure performed at our 11021 dental office, Dr. Kobren can dramatically transform the appearance of your smile in as little as one hour.

11021 Dental Office

Another way, our office provides to whiten and brighten your smile is with a take-home whitening system complete with fully customized whitening trays. Our take-home whitening kit may be prescribed alone to achieve cosmetically pleasing improvements to your smile, or it can be used after an in-office treatment to boost and maintain the results. It’s also pretty straight-forward to use a take-home kit: you simply apply the prescribed amount of whitening gel to the tray, slip it over your teeth and let it do its job!

Dr. Kobren and his staff at your 11021 dental office are proud of the comprehensive range of dental services they provide and the reputation they have established for achieving outstanding outcomes of care. Whether you are interested in a teeth-whitening procedure or one of our other advanced cosmetic solutions to improve the look of your smile, we can help.  For more information on our office or to schedule an appointment for care, give us a call today.

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